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Class 7






Properties Of Triangles


Which of the following is/a...

Which of the following is/are not Pythagorean triplet (s)? 3,4,5                            (b) 8,15,17 7,24,25                        (d) 13,26,29

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Swarg question is which of the following is are not Pythagorean triplet Pythagorean triplet Jo karne ke liye Hamen site mein Pythagoras Theorem verify karna padega Pythagoras Theorem is a right triangle right triangle with angle 90 degree that to 90 degree college opposite side hoti hai vah hai pata nahin hota hai hypotenuse is the largest side right and then hypotenuse square Hota Hai Baki do size ke some queries from ke eklauta right so Agar Ham in four parts Mein Pythagoras Theorem verify verify Karate to a Pythagorean triplet Honge dosa first is 345 larger sizes 5 and 5 cos square is 25 3 square + 4 square equal to 9 + think that is 25 = 25 square so happy Pythagoras Theorem verify therefore this is a

triplet then be 815 17 largest cities 1717 ka square is 289 and 8 square + 15 square equals to 64 plus 225 that is 289 and 289 is a square of 17 so yes this is also a b c part 7 24 and 25 larger sizes 25 25 square is 625 and seven square + Y square equals to 49 plus 576 which is equals to X 25 625 is a square of 25 so yes this is also Chandi path 13 26 and 29 largest sides 2929 ka square is 841

then square + Y square = 2169 + 676 which is equals to 845 and 845 is not equal to 29 ka square which is 841 therefore this is not a Pythagorean triplet so the correct answer is option d


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