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Which of the following functions has period `2pi` ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`f(x)=sin(2pix+(pi)/(3))+2 sin (3pix+(pi)/(4))+3 sin5pix``f(x)=sin""(pix)/(3)+sin""(pix)/(4)``f(x)=sinx+cos2x` none of these

Answer :


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question is which of the following person has period to buy abortion now if x is periodic it any function f of X is periodic with period then we can say that it should be equal to X + 2 here we need to find the function which has period to buy that the number one in option number V1 we have ab is equal to sin 2 by X + 3 + 2 x of sin

Biotech Private and three times of sin 5x so if this is periodic if period of this function is if period is by then upon X + by should be equal to effect a special type of X + 5 minute to find the function which period to file is not issued to buy if period is 25 f of X + 2 Y should be equal to 50 kam sign of increase of xbrl cooking Express to Paisa Jiska kam actor

privacy than we have to terms of sin 35 into X + 25 + 4 and last term is 3 sin 5 price time Express this project is to come f of X + 2 by here is equal to sin 2x + Y square + 5 x + 2 Sin is become read text when we have + 6 price square +

3 Sin of 5 into X + train price from here to buy a lady not equal to ab so period is not equal to 2 by now we can set of number to another number do we have time I have effect is equal to sin x divided by 3 + sin 54 can find f of X + 2 by here and see if it is

equal to effects or not sin pi by 3 into X we will write active 2 buy + sin Tiger 4 Into X + 2 by sin 5x price 25 square + 95 X + 4 y square by two state here also not equal to X + by function does not have a period to buy now will set the third option that is f of X equal to sin x + cos 2X hot

seduction Bihar Ashok access to A + sin x + cos 2x attack of X + 2 Y is equal to sign of X + 25 + cos of Bangalore express Dubai equal to sin No 25 + and here it is because I know because of 22 latest 45 + 28 + become sin x Cos 45 + 2 X is also equal to cos 2x Hare Hare x is equal to

say that in this case in this case periodic periodic with period equal to stroke correct option is option number

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