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Class 9






Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles


Which of the following figures...

Which of the following figures lie on the same base and between the same parallels. In such a case; write the common base and two parallels :

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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it's video mein Dekhenge ki which of the following figures lies on the same base and between the same parallels in such a case ki aap to write the common base and it to iska matlab 18 second mein kitne in figures according Hamen find karne ki mein se kaun se figures same base and same Parallel Lines ke bich Mein like karte hain aur unko common base or two parallel to the first figure ABCD is a trapezium ABCD to have a Trapezium and triangle PTC Indonesia Dekhen do Hamen Milega Ki Ab is parallel to dc Piya Mare hoge two Parallel Lines theek hai lies on Ab Hamare pass and DC is common base desi is common base to Agaram Dekhe first Memari

Kyon fikra Hai Vo same base per same Parallel Lines ke bich Mein like kar raha hai uske two Parallel Lines aur jo common basic hone find kar liye to first option Hamara character Kyon ab second option Agar I'm taking to pqrs is a parallelogram pqrs is a parallelogram craft Agar Ham Dekhi to Ahmed isa isa is a trapezium is a trapezium are came to Agaram Dekhe aap Hamen does not lie on does not lie on the parallelogram iska matlab ye same Parallel Lines ke bich Mein line nahin kar raha Kyunki Hamen Ko Bhi Koi Yahan per Koi point Hona chahie SAP joint ho rahe mafi iska matlab is option kam discuss hi nahin Karenge Kyunki discussion tabhi Karte Hain Jab Sare points Agar hamen bhi pi ke upar like kar raha hai

theek hai ab Ham Thodi Jagah de do 3rd Fagan mein kya kiya tha ki pqrs is a parallelogram pqrs is a parallelogram and triangle given triangle pqr and T lies on our Dekhi to it lies on psm vs parallel to QR ki Kyunki ke parallelogram Mein Hamare two parallel Sagar p s and p q r s t common base you are the common base To Hamen find karna tha give me some identify kar liya yah Jo FIR Karen ya two parallel lines of common base ke bich Mein Lekar Hai Humne donon paralaga common base ki question find Kar Li to first third yah donon Hamare option Sagar

inmein Se Hi To Ho 123 mein se Fursat thodi hai jo scene bhejo same parallels ke bich Mein figure like karta

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