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Which of the following equatio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`I` and `II`only`I` and `III` only`II` and `III` onlyAll have different graphs

Answer : D
Solution : All have different graphs.

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it is that which of the following equations have same graph first to second equation Levis and third equation X + 2 Y is equal to x square - 4 so we have given questions and we have to find that which graph has same so purpose equation Y is equal to 6 months to so that its graph will be straight line so it is straight line which is bicycle 6.2 and it will be defined on X belongs to real number it will depend on whole are whole number line and checkout second equation X square - 4 x + 2 is equal to

X + 2 / 1 + 2 and now he can we find that X is not equal to minus 2 and then we can cancel X + 2 Y we can tell that is wise to the expense to now this is a straight line graph of state and but it will be need it will be not defined at x is equal to minus to show its domain will be explored you are excluded because it is not defined at -2 and now here to check out her equation X + 20 y x + 2 into Y is equal to x square - 4 aur candles that X + 2 into Y is equal to X + 2 into x minus 2 and now we can take X + 2 into x minus 2 on the left hand side through antique

Expressway is a common for a healthy can that it is that X + 2 into why minus of x minus 2 it is equal to zero now from here we can tell that is we have two equations how to graph that X is equals to minus 2 and this whole equation be defined at X is equals to and Y is equals to expand super here you can read does that it contains two graph that X is equals to minus y is equals to show both the curves have different because that women Sadiq so we can touch that is all graphs have different curves all equations have different graph

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