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Which of the following equatio...

Which of the following equations have no real solutions ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`x^(2) - 2x+ 5 + pi^(2) = 0```x^(4) - 2x^(2)sin^(2)'(pix)/(2)+1 = 0`all of these

Answer :


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different descendant of any current equation is less than 0 - 2 X + 5 y square = 20 now let this be a square + b + c = 20 and equals to B square minus and option of a square is 1 and access to the value of 20 22 - 2 - 20

minus and it is 4.1 x 5 + Y square equal to zero this will be taken for 1 minus 5 minus x minus 20 because x 42 this term is minus minus system will be the negative form will be less than zero

S Fusion in the power 4 minus minus 2 x 2 + 1 = 20 power 4 + 1 = 6 science term 2 divided into the stuff this will be a square + 1 upon x square equals to 2 sin square A Vinod that their identity that a + 1 upon A tree that it's

when a + 1 upon a is there to it will be always be greater than equal to 2 so this is in the form of this can also find this by the given equal to GF ok but there is a place of apps will get here that is 1 + 1 upon 2 equals to 2 Sin 5x ok report this will get you to 2 sin square x by 2 is greater than equal to ok

pollution caused by coming greater than 0

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