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Which of the following are set...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `{:((i),"Not set word "BEST" has no"),((ii),"Not set word "BEST" has no definition."),((iii),"Yes it is a set."):}`

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which of the following are sets justify your answer now see this part 1 now it is given that a team of 11 best players in the world now series Part base this world best because of this best word this is not a said because according to definition of set a set each element in the state must be vendor fine now she now see this work best is very weak because for two different person they may have different choices of best place in the world therefore this cannot be said because this is not well defined based is a very wake word this is not to say it now consider considered to be a collection of difficult problem in a book because of this word difficult this will also not be upset because definition of

difficult is different for different person therefore this set is not well define this is not a set that is we can conclude now ck3 the collection of all boys in the 11th class of a particular School this is a set because it's will define all boys in the 11th class of particular School each element in this set is well defined therefore this will be our state this will be our Seth therefore this is not to say that this is not a set but said this is our final answer

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