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When two ratios are equal, then the four quantities compositing them are said to be proportiona. If a/b=c/d, then it is written a:b=c:dor a:b::c:d. Also if a/b=c/d=lamdaimpliesa=blamdaand c=dlamdaimpliesa/b=c/d =(a+-c)/(b+-d)=(""^(n)sqrt((a)^(n)+-(c)^(n)))/(""^(n)sqrt((b)^(n)+-(d)^(n)))=lamda(lamdagt0) important property of proportion : 1. If a:b=c:d,then (a+b)/(b)=(c+d)/(d)("Componendo")i.e.(a)/(b)=(c)/(d)implies(a)/(b)+1=(c)/(d)+1 2. If a:b=c"d, then (a-b)/(b)=(c-d)/(d)("Dividenod")i.e.(a)/(b)=(c)/(d)implies(a)/(b)-1=(c)/(d)-1 3. If a:b:=c:d, then (a+b)/(a-b)=(c+d)/(c-d)("Componendo and dividendo") If a/b=c/d=e/fand(2a^(4)b^(2)+3a^(2)c^(2)-5e^(4)f)/(2b^(6)+3b^(2)d^(2)-5f^(5))=((a)/(b))^(n) then teh value of n is :



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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone today we have a question the question is given as when two ratios are equal then the four quantities composing them are said to be in proportion that means if they will be equal to C B then it can be written as are shown here also my favourite equal to c b is equal to Lambda then we can say that equal to be Lambda sequel to deal and now we can say it asked a baby equal to c b d is equal to a plus or minus C / B plus or minus now which can also be written as in the power of square root in root of a power and plus or minus C power and / and throat of the power and energy power and now this whole thing can also be equal to Narmada important properties of proportion are given here when is to be equal to C is today then by component which means that we add one on both sides will get A + B by b equal to C
01:00 - 01:59plus now what is dividend of dividend is when we subtract -1 from both the sides then we get a minus b equal to C minus divide what is componendo and dividendo component by dividend then we get a + b / a minus b is equal to C plus CBSE 1st now in a question we are given that if a equal to C B equal to eBay and we are given to a power for B square + 3 is square c square - 5 x power 4 / 6 b square + b square B square minus 5 power this is given as a whole power of this question we have to find the value of g how to do we have a baby equal to b b equal to Equality now here Let Us C latest
02:00 - 02:59was that a bi bakwal to CBD equal to Y is equal to K then we get a equal to b k yes equal to taking and we get equal to FM to get latest substitute this a CE values in our given equation that means what do we get Hearing Aid to into BR Tower 4 b square + 3 into 2 BR sportswear into Dr square - 5 x power 4 into a / to power 6 + 3 Square x square - 5 x power is equal to a b b whole power of now in our latest 1 year we have our forest whitaker HP forest common what do we get in numerator we get to be power 6 + 3 square the square - 5 x power 4 / to be power 6
03:00 - 03:59plus Discovery Discovery no difference in this case cancel that means we get our public ko is equal to a baby HP and now what is our value a baby is equal to 4 equal to get an invaluable equal to four option for an equal to poor is our answer

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