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When is CBSE Class 12 Maths pa...

When is CBSE Class 12 Maths paper in 2023 as per date sheet released on cbse.nic.in?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Hello everyone, welcome to our YouTube channel Learn and Fun I am your message creator Akshay Gowat Today I have a very big announcement for you The thing that the students of the class 12 boards were waiting for There was a wave of rumors everywhere When will our board's papers be? If Corona is coming, the exam will be canceled The exam will be postponed A lot of things were being said at different places And according to what CBSE had said Our date sheet Yes, the official date sheet of class 12 has arrived And children, I have brought that date sheet in front of you first Yes, children, if we talk For which you were worried for a long time Class 12 and 10 CBSC has removed the official date sheet for all the board students And the paper did not go ahead at all The paper is starting from the time when the expectation was So now we don't have to waste time at all And I have started a special backlog series for you On this channel So come to the regular classes All your chapters, be it physics, math, bio All the chapters, all the subjects The complete class 12 profession Are going to be done on YouTube So definitely go, everyone Come and see Now let's start in the date sheet So as CBSE had said from the 15th of February that there will be papers So the papers are being done from the 15th of February According to the official date sheet The first paper will be from February 15 But we know that the initial papers are those Which are not common Most of the students are special electives Or are based on language So that paper is on February 15 You don't have any paper There are some practical papers like home sciences So the first main paper that you have That is going to be on February 20 Hindi Yes, the first paper is going to be in Hindi So the beginning is going on with a very good subject With Hindi So you will get time You don't study Hindi for a year So you will get a lot of time to study Hindi After Hindi, the next paper that is going to be done That is our On the 23rd of February I think On the 24th of February Yes, on the 24th of February Your next paper is English elective or core So on the 24th of February After Hindi, the next paper After a gap of 3 days That is 21, 22 and 23 You have to get a gap of 3 days Then your next paper will be English After the English paper Then there are some language papers Which are not related to you Then the next very very very important paper The chemistry of the children From the 28th of February On the 28th of February Your next chemistry paper So children First Hindi, then English, then chemistry So 25, 26, 27 You have got a gap of 3 days in chemistry To study properly To revise After that, the next The geography of the subject After that, the next paper That will be done On the 6th of March That is 20 After the chemistry paper The next paper is physics Which is going to be done on the 6th of March On the 6th of March, the physics paper After that, if we go ahead Then you get some gap And then on the 11th of March Your mathematics paper Mathematics is pure There is no problem, mathematics is applied Both papers are there So children of math and physics No need to take any tension Bio, math, physics All classes have started the backlog series Be sure to join You will be given a complete revision After this, children, after the math paper The bio paper will be done On the 16th of March In this way, this paper will be done Then economics, the children of commerce background In which their papers will come Political science is done Then children, after that information Computer science, whose elective subject Their paper will be done So if I talk like this So the last paper, children Paper I think When is it ending here, let's take a look So the last paper will be of psychology Which will be on the 5th of April So I think those who will be They can see their own So children, we know that when Which papers are there Now it is important that CBSE has taken care Of your That your completed exam JEE's paper is also being read first That is why there is a proper gap To revise you, so now I talk That brother, in the official Notification, the first Guidelines that CBSE has taken out That all the children Full attention has been given Minimum gap of 3 days in each paper Has been given The children who are given JEE main examination They have also been taken care of So that you are well The date sheet is being made so that you can see At what time You will be able to revise your remaining portion Apart from that, children, here Your papers will be The timing is starting from 10.30 You can see the timing from here So the timing is given here Apart from that, your paper will be 3 hours So everything else is there So just keep this thing in mind That whatever time it is Utilize it well Because this time is not going to come again Now join In studies and Your studies are absolutely You don't have to worry anywhere I am your Sachin sir, Vinesh sir Everyone is in front of you Bhumika ma'am is also there who is teaching you English Proper classes of every subject You will find on this channel So come and study And at 2 o'clock we do the backlog series Class daily at 2 pm So come to the backlog series class Children, you will definitely come Join the preparation Make a good timetable and start studying regularly So let's go children Let's meet in our Classes, till then goodbye Keep studying forcibly Join our batches and Take care, thank you so much


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