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Class 8






Cubes And Cube Roots


What is the smallest number by...

What is the smallest number by which 392 must be multiplied so that the product is a perfect cube ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


this question ask us to do what is this smallest number by which 392 must be multiplied so that the product is a perfect cube ok so number 392 score Mujhe perfect you banana hai Kuchh number multiply Karke to sabse pahla kam Kya Karenge Sone private price Hai prime factors may break Karenge Tumhen HD 92211 99212 Pata Chak already 9192 kar sakte again this will be 9 and 90 Sorry cartoon 3 16 9898 ok and divided by 24 Ja 81829 history kaise hain abhi Kaun

soyega cricket use Nahin 3 se Karenge 34771 Ja nikalne ke bad perfect Kyon bhi hai ya nahin Pata Lagane Mein Kya Karta Tha are you should do one thing group banata banata group mein Tin Factory Tha vah To Nahin Hote the two banane ki koshish karta hun main group mein ki pahle Karke ban raha hai ab Iske alava koi aur koi ban raha hai ki nahin bacche ke liye Nahin Ban Pa Raha Hai Main To Kuchh banane ke bad karna chahta hun likh deta hun 2022 2727 ok smallest smallest a perfect cube root is group mein banane ke liye Mujhe kya karna padega

ki group Jaega aur kiski vajah Yahan Se To Dijiye group se yahan se chawal Lijiye Har kam se kam kar dijiye to sabse Sasta Saman Kya Hua Jo Mujhe to multiply karna padega vah vah 72 Har Kuchh Nahin Karta Hun Main Karunga Samay kaun sa kaun sa group hai jo dikhaiye group answer kya karna Samsung multiply kar do isliye iska answer Kya Ho Gaya Jo number Hamara Jo smallest number highway 7


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