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What is the rationalisation factor of (1)/(3+sqrt(5)) ?



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Updated On: 30-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59fellow students are today's topic in number system and the question is what is the naturalization factor of 1 upon 3 + root 5 right so we have to find the naturalization factor for disturb know our term is 1 upon 3 + root 5 so in order to rationalize this term we will multiply with the factor and also provide with that so this term got rationalized and we multiply with the conjugate of this denominator and the conjugate of this denominator is 3 minus root 5 right so will multiply with 3 minus root 5 and also divided by 3 minus root 5 in order to rationalize disturb so what we will get will get 3 minus root 5 and there's nothing but a + b into a minus b so we get a square minus b square so 3 square minus root 5 square so this is equals to 3 minus root 5 upon
01:00 - 01:596 is a 99 - 5 x 4 so this is the nationalized term we get for this factor for for this term right and what is the rationalization factor is what is the term with which it is multiplied and divided with their four rationalization factor 1 upon 3 + root 5 is 3 minus root 5 root 3 minus root 5 is the final answer and it is rationalisation factor of this term thank you

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