What is the conjugate of (2-i)/((1-2i)^(2))?



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Updated On: 5-3-2021

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Solution :
Given that, `z=(2-i)/((1-2i)^(2))= (2-i)/(-3-4i^(2)-4i)` <br> `=(2-i)/(1-4-4i)= (2-i)/(-3-4i)` <br> `=((2-i))/(-(3+4i))= [((2-i)(3-4i))/((3+4i)(3-4i))]` <br> `-({6-8i-3i+4i)/(9+16))=-(-11i+2)/(25)` <br> `=(-1)/(25)(-211i) rArr z=(1)/(25)-(-2+11i)` <br> `barz=(-1)/(25)(-211i) =(-2)/(25)-(11)/(25)i`



00:00 - 00:59hello friends the question is what is the conjugate of 2 - / 1 -2 2 whole square ok send this to find the current rate of this simplified days we have to minus theta divided by 1 minus 2 into 2 whole square latest series Z this we get 2 - / this is one plus 4 into a square into 4 into iota ok an important role in this weekend to medicine and this is one and we know that iota square is equal to -1 so this is -4 and this is as it is for this is equal to minus 3
01:00 - 01:59minus 4 on multiplying the numerator and denominator by the constituent of -3 -4 I that is - 3 + 4 Y - 3 + 4 Y Brigade this is 2 into minus 3 that is minus 6 and this is plus a Tie and this is Plus 3i and this is -4 Utha square divided by this is in the form of a minus b and a + b so this will be minus 3 x square - Four Square so on solving this week 8 - 6 anticipate I plus 3 I that is 11i I am I square is equal to -1 so this will be minus 1 into minus 4 that will be + 4 /
02:00 - 02:59this is 9 and this is plus 16 8 - 6 plus 4 that is equal to minus 2 + 11 / 9 + 16 that is equal to 25 Gate Sua Gate Z equal to minus 2 + iota into 11 / 25 on separating this we get minus 2 by 25 + iota into 1125 and this question we have to find the conjugate of this so I will be Z bar is equal to minus 2 by 25 and we will replace the Plus sign by minus so this is minus 10 to 11 by 20 so this is a g thang q

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