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What is Quadrilateral ?...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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is video Mein Naya chapter set karne Ja Rahe Hain ko delete to pahle mission Aata what is quadrilateral triangle chapter padh raha hai the triangle three noncollinear sivanthaman triangle banta hai Uski Yaadon point Ho Gaya to is line per Aashiqui 2 point Se Ki lineman we have to take third third point asali na hai jo is line per line Na Kariyo Agar line Pillai Karega to Colony Ho Jaaye To Hamen three noncollinear points ki definition ban gaya tha thoda Pani Le Ja Le Liya point 3rd mahine le liya Humne in a joint karne se Hamara banta hai drawing similarly Ham ISI analogy se quadrelateral roof Karenge similarly Ham triangle Ki Tarah Four Points lete hain for find such that

no 3 of them any three of them are collinear then the figure obtained by joining the seven pair 2.2 jodna is called quadrilateral with four point three noncollinear Re chahie to first Nahin le liya second year third potentially register collinear Na Ho with that should not be like this line Ham third point linkage with line per line na Karen To Ham third point Lenge yah wala koi bhi le Sakte randomly is pure Baki Jagah mein main sab badhiya le liya FIR Ham Likhenge

ab Hamen 4th point Paisa chahie Na Ho kisi ke sath to is line per bhi line nahin karna chahie aur na hi iss line per like karna chahie then we get food point 4th madam Baki aur Kahin Bhi Le Sakte in 3 lines on ke alava Kahin Bhi suppose we take this then the figure obtained by joining wedding dance in pair bata do Ko jodna Hai aapas Mein To fir Ham der Mein Jod Rahe can we get that is called Quadri later figure obtained Kiya Ja quadrilateral hai


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