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Number System


What is Natural Number;symbol ...

What is Natural Number;symbol and representation on number line

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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this video we are going to discuss about natural number their symbol and representation on the number line unlucky natural number kya hote hain Unka Symbol symbol is group presentation and their representation on number line Agar Ham samajh Na Chahe ki natural number kya hote hain Ek chij To Hamen hi Sath samajh mein a rahi hai ki these are naturally occurring numbers naturally occurring numbers naturally occurring ka matlab kya vahan per Ham Kahana Chahte Hain ki agar Ham Kahin Bhi Koi Chhoti Moti ginti karte hain jaise ki Kisi bagiche Mein 3 full Amay Dekhe dusre vahan per Hamen Jinke 3 full dikhaya right to vahan per Humne likh kar diya 33 flowers vahan Kisi ground mein ek football Khela ja raha hai supposed to bol to vahan per Ek Bol Hai Is Tarah nature Mein

most general most general Jo number 97 natural Hote Hain 31 275 there is a line of 75 and their Chidiya Ki line Lagi Hai vahan per Gira Humne 27520 vahan per red iska matlab yah Sare ke sare natural number se these are naturally occurring Ham inhen Kya symbolise Karte Hain this implies them as and capital and se belong karte hain Agar Ham capital and likh Denge that means we are talking about natural numbers is main sirf minimum value Hoti Hai Vande Uske bad Sare ke sare positive values Bade Hote Hain Aise and they all go to infinity Uske bad Koi and Nahin Hota aap Kitna Hi Bada number Lele suppose that talking about 545000 3040 5372

the number number ki baat karna Itni Badi number ki that is also a natural number yah Bhi Ek natural number hai Humko and represent karte hain ji Seth ab vinod ki iski minimum value to minimum and hota hai vah to hamare pass 10 Nahin Hota ki zero naturally occurring number hi nahin if there is nothing we don't say Kyon per 0 naturally there is 1 2 3 4 5 6 and infinity-infinity the number line par kaise dance karte hain vah samajh Nahin karte hain tabhi no ki number line per middle Hamara hota hai zero Uske bad Ham equal segments Mein Apne breaks banate hain equal segments to sabse pahle cement No 21 dusra break Hota Hai To fir 34 then moving on in Infinity

Arrow Vidyut karta hai ki numbers infinity the Ja Rahe Hain natural number mein zero include Nahin Hota we don't include 0 a natural numbers 20 Hamare natural number representation line Mein Nahin Hoga Kya Honge 1 se lekar ke aage jitne positive Hai Hamen yah Baat pata hai ki jo right side hota hai on right side of the number line right of 2020 ka Yahan per bol deta hun main is capital Uske right side mein Sare ke sare positive like karte hain and all the natural numbers are positive as we know it moving on to infinity infinity the jata hai this is how we represent natural numbers on our number line ab Agali video mein baat karenge phone number ke bare mein


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