What is a differential equation and the order and degree of a differential equation?


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hello everyone next chapter question the question what is the differential equation and your order and degree of a differential equations were supposed to define first hi water differential equation even and after that what you order and degree of a differential equation mean now let's assume that there is some independent variable Y as a function of a bag that is why is a variable dependent on egg or we can also write this why the function of X also assuming that the area that it is of effort is made to x-axis like the first derivative with respect to a second derivative is mean by date direct Nav I dash and Square X by x square x double dash assume an equation as a capitalist composing
vitablast why does my name given by for example why double dash square + 3 x cube + y - 3 x + 60 we can see that f is an equation composing hor vi and the various derivative of Y Rajya with respect to the independent variable letters check this means that f is said to be a differential equation the highest derivative that exist in f of the function to have wider builder square so this means that f is a second order differential equation order of the differential equation in 2
now Dipawali with Y double dash the highest derivative in the function f is rate is also to over here we have a double dash which means that the degree of air is to it is not 32 with white discharge reasons why does not the highest devil we can conclude that a differential equation is an equation that relate a function or a couple of function with its derivative of their derivatives respectively with respect to B independent variable the order of the differential equation is the highest derivative in a differential equation to which the
dependent variable order function has been taken and the degree of a differential equation is the power to which this highest derivative in the equation entries thank you

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