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Class 11






Solution And Properties Of Triangle


Verify area of triangle is (i)...

Verify area of triangle is (i) `1/2 bc sin A` (ii) Herons Formula

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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video mein hum Dekhenge area of a triangle to improve karne ki Re of a triangle is equal to how PC Sahi Ne Uske bare mein herons formula B prove karna to either of the triangle hota hai area of triangle using half of Ab science equal areas of the half of this sign every ho sakta half of c a sin b k cquel To Hamen proof karna hai ki yah formulas hota hai ho jaega half a bi science half PC sign and have a sin b Agaram Dekhi ya koi triangle hamare pass Ham score proof kar rahe Tu yah Jo Cider iscom latest small yellow sided this is small B and the side is small it the perpendicular drop

Agar Ham perpendicular drop karte hain from B to a c d letter A perpendicular sides a Gaya Hamara theek hai To Agar Ham Yahan per Dekhte in triangle abc de do Jo Hamara sign iska Jo formula hoga that is perpendicular side upon hyper 3 Izzat is a B2B De Jo lete hamare pass Aaegi ab kya hai sikhe to see sign theek hai aur ab Ham Dekhen triangle ABC Tujhe area hota hai that is equal to half into base into altitude within the altitude Hamara BD Aur Ka Basa is easy to use aaega half in 2ac INR to BD that is half in to be in to see sign a to use my purse have BC sin a equal take him

Agar Ham altitude stop Karte from vertex a vertex C2C marble area was a person have PC sign usse hamare pass Rah sakta hai ab science area Mai Wapas aa sakta AC sign bi take care aur teenon areas of the same triangle could present kar rahe the area of triangle tour PC sin is equal to Half A B sin C aur usse nikalunga have AC sign pk pk Re Hamar area of the triangle formed through it is equal to take him up Agar Hamen lete Ham heroine from the improved karna Agar Hamen lete area Hai hamare pass PC sign Ham is formula ko consider karte hain to do Hamen pata ki sign of 2 theta is equal to 2 sin theta cos theta this Complex Sakte half into 20

into to sign of a bi to cause of able to produce a to cancel auto Jagah Milega busy into Sin of Evil 2 ka formula is minus b into x minus C whole upon busy ho link to under root of X into x minus 1 upon the sea ke Dono term cancel auto Jaenge aur bataega is in 2 under root of X into x minus 3 x minus b minus C or D area ki equal or AC Ko Hum bolte hain herons formula to ja Mara Gaya ki herons formula Kabhi Humne Kiya ki Kis Tarah Se isko Ham Hamare sides of triangle in terms Mein likhate Ham to is video mein dikhaiye of triangle ho sakta hai aapki bhi sin C RPC Sahi Nahin aapse csirone bhi aur unke through Humne herons formula ko bhi proof Karke next video mein Ham Dekhenge Ham Kis Tarah Se

aur area of triangle kis terms may represent kar sakta


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