veca=2hati+hatj+2hatk, vecb=hati-hatj+hatk and non zero vector vecc are such that (veca xx vecb) xx vecc = veca xx (vecb xx vecc). <br> Then vector vecc may be given as



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Updated On: 10-5-2021

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(a) `4hati+2hatj+4hatk`(b) `4hati-2hatj+4hatk`(c) `hati+hatj+hatk`(d) `hati-4hatj+hatk`

Answer :
Solution :
`(veca xx vecb) xx vecc = veca xx (vecb xx vecc)` <br> `rArr (veca.vecc)vecb-(vecb.vecc)veca` <br> `=(veca.vecc)vecc-(veca.vecb)vecc` <br> `rArr veca` and `vecc` are parallel. <br> `therefore vecc` may be equal to `4hat(i)+2hatj+4hatk`



00:00 - 00:59this percent is given that if a vector which is this the factor which is this and a non zero vectors a vector asset that a vector cross b vector cross b vector is equals to a vector cross b vector cross B then we need to find out the value of seal given that a vector cross b vector cross b vector is can be written as a vector.com time free vector minus b vector a vector x a vector and on the right hand side a vector cross b vector cross b vector can be written as a vector dot C vector X vector minus a vector.me vector X didn't know that this you will get cancelled out and so we will have director taught C vector x a vector equals to a vector and
01:00 - 01:59b vector time field That is part 380 tractor and A bitter gourd bitter is a scalar quantity and that we can see that we can write C vector has Lambda times of a vector a Lambda will be appointed in simple terms made that a vector a vector will be Pal check out the options have a vector is this at we can see that option number age 35 this relation that is here writing to Times of director and that we can say that in this case option number a will be the correct answer

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