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Class 6






Whole Numbers


(v) We cannot complete the cou...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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we cannot complete the counting of all natural numbers we cannot complete cannot complete the counting of all natural numbers all natural numbers we Express this fact by saying that there are infinitely many natural numbers aur isko Kaise Karte Hain Ham Kahate the Ki Tarah infinitely many natural numbers theek hai yah Hamari property Hai 5th property Hai property Aisa Kyon kahati Hai Tu I am samajhne Kuchh karte hain we cannot complete the county of natural numbers why Jari main pahle Kaha tha aapko suppose Tere Koi land Yahan per theek hai land and what am I doing I am adding what am I doing his I am adding stone one by one one by one main sabse pahle ismein Ek stone Rakha FIR dusra Rakha FIR Teesra Rakha FIR chautha paanchva

chhatha satavan aathvan Nava dasvan 11:12 ok and this land is very very big Hill n bahut hi bada hai theek hai ab Ham Kya kar rahe hain Kyunki Ham ismein add ki ja rahi hai reading stone one by one right 1 by 1 MB Mein Jod raha hun suppose you reach suppose Richa number number and n is a natural number when countered that and Katha Ramnivas kar diya but I add + 1 then I am plus one so this continues this continues theek hai ya badhta Hai badh jayega kya sakte hain Kabhi ruk ke gane never stops goes on this

goes on forever to is forever ko Hamen kam Dete Hain VSAT infinite use Kaise the ki Infinity Tak Jata Hai Jo chij Nahin kar sakte use Ham Kaise The Infinite Hai matlab hota hai iska kya matlab hota hai that something is achieved when we compared with infinite then were simply denying its boundaries Ham Kahate Hain Ki vah Kahin Bhi Jayega I can go beyond and beyond there are infinitely many natural numbers right because as many numbers to accounting this is some Kaun Kehte Hain also adding to our list program natural number N Si Di note Karte Hain natural number ko suppose we say n to usmein Bhi Ek natural number bhatu Bhi Ek number hai 3 Bhi Hai Pyar Bhi Hai simply Der Aur Bhi 10000 bol diya na chal number

as many zeros that I put her this will also be natural bright and so on it will never end and it will go on till Infinity Infinity Tak Jaega so there is no ending to count the natural numbers from infinity ko cases Express Karte Hain Jab Ham Infinity Ko Express karna chahte hain To Ham Infinity ko kaise karte hain we make a symbol like this theek hai aisa symbol banate hain Ham like symbol like this to express Infinity this is the expression theek hai bhaiya Hamara Itna


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