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Using properties of determinants, solve for x:|[a+x, a-x, a-x], [a-x, a+x, a-x], [a-x, a-x ,a+x]|=0



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Updated On: 1-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59precaution is using properties of determinants solve for X container containing element at C1 aur we can say call on one we have a + X - x and x now and the column to we have elements Iman SX plus at their hand at column 3 we have a minus x minus and hear a process and this whole determinant is equal to our zero to here here we have a determinant let's not with the delta and this is equal to our air A + x square minus x and here is also a minus b have a minus x square + X and here and here we also have a minus x square minus A + X this is our didn't now at this determined we will use an operation operation will use at our urban because this line this
01:00 - 01:59h r one Disawar R2 and this line is our earthly and this line is our Stephen and this line is 32 and this line is our C3 sunao at our wonderful use operation that are 1 + 2 + 3 so after using this operation we have Delta is equal to our hair we have three using our best operation Sohar BF him there is also a b have 3 - now here we have a man is there is also a man is there is a + a minus b have also have and here is a plus x now from here you can clearly see that take common take an hour
02:00 - 02:59free a minus x from urban after taking we have Delta is equal to our free a minus into a we have one where is also one and he is also one now at our to we have here a process and here is also a minus and at our three we have a minus b a second year is also a plus sunao again again will use our operations Pro first operation will be at our 31 to add values h t 1 -3 and second operation will be at our 323232 we have operation 32 - 33 so using these two operations we have a value of delta that is equal to our free a determinant here we have value 0
03:00 - 03:5920 and here is mine software using our this operation now here at C2 we have their zero here to expand hear our Maya software exe using our this operation now here at 33 we have won a month and here is a + X sunao next will expand now here will expand this determinant along so after spending we have three a minus x square into a we have one after explaining urban we have here 1 in 20 + 4 x square sunao after showing it further we have value that 4 x square into three a minus x sunao as per our question that
04:00 - 04:59determinant is whole is equal to a 1-0 lead share put this equal to H zero so I will put this is equal to zero so from here the value of x is zero aur Shri value power x is zero Hour 3 so here we have two values of fact that is zero and power x is equal to 3 and this is our answer thank you

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