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Using properties of determinan...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `|(1,a,-bc),(1,b,-ca),(1,c,-ab)| ` <br> `R_1 -> R_1 - R_2` <br> `|(0,a-b,c(a-b)), (1,b,-ca),(1,c,-ab)|` <br> `R_2 -> R_2 - R_3` <br> `|(0,a-b, c(a-b)),(0,b-c, a(b-c)),(1,c,-ab)|` <br> `(a-b)(b-c)|(0,1,c),(0,1,a),(1,c,-ab)|` <br> `(a-b)(b-c)(a-c)` <br> Answer

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hi everyone I given problem is that using properties of determinants show that determinant of 1 abc1 BCA 1 cm is equal to a minus b into B minus C in to see my receipt this we need to prove that the student is equal to this value ok ok Vivo that we just need to use the property of the element is given ok using the property which is need to prove that ok ok now let us get into Yash solution of a problem solution that it is first write determinant that is 1 a BC and then

one BCA and then 1 c a b ok now we are just trying to update the properties of determinants that s r one gives are 1 - auto and R2 games are 2 - Aarti this is nothing that we just need to subtract the R1 R2 from our work and write it in organ ok the thing that are one we are just going to modify the urban Valley which means no 1 value that is nothing but we're just going to subtract aur to from Auburn ok so 1 -

11 isn't it sorry 0 and -1 give zero and a minus b and b c - so years is comedies in it so ke comes - also so ja a minus b which means R1 is bc and R2 is CA sobc - comes latest making this year outside Sofia comes this writing in right side ok v c minus A is going to take this outside so There comes a b minus A is it so when the se comes in front of the miners comes taken outside and their hair comes a minus b ok ok now then are two equal to 8

minus 3 is in its ok come zero then b - andhe CA - ab similarly we are going to take a - outside so here comes here we're taking - outside ok Sofia comes B minus C ok and then are three remains the same so Vamsi ab so now we're going to take care determinant for this unit Matrix so comes for this for only one it is going to take a grammar and ok so S 1 into it is need to write this column and this row just need to

disturb disturb disturb disturb so here comes a minus b into minus of seconds into minus operator Steak at Auto K B minus C minus Olive BC B minus into minus into minus b ok ok now I am just going to take a minus b is a common term outside and B minus C as a common term outside so what will come next a minus b and b minus C is taken outside as a common term so what will be there inside that is -1 and -2 -3 will there inside isn't so this can be modified as

a minus b b minus C and then - of - will become classes in it so this place and his writing in front so - this is equal to RSS in IT hence we prove it ends fraud thank you

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