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Class 11






Model Test Paper - 17


Using principle of mathematica...

Using principle of mathematical induction , prove that , `(x^(2n)-y^(2n))` is divisible by `(x+y)` fpr all `n in N`. <br>

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello I hope you find letter start with this question is this question we have been told that using principle of Mathematical Induction is divisible by this is divisible by X + 5 for all and belongs to assume that let let - of virus X + R&D belong to the nature abide by these logs location for now for n equal to 1 hour is equal to what is equal to 5.2 this if analysis in Excel

minus y square is that right now I can say that is true that right dirty of K is also true right pfk is also true this will be X raise to 2 came I am this is X + Y into where M belongs to what and belongs to again some natural number

if your key plus one student PF is definitely write a letter start with what is now I will right place right ke plus plus one minus minus plus minus value that is why I will take this X rays that

I will you now X + 8 so now we multiply this again where I can write your also yes yes I will write a x square into virus 22 ke minus into this will be written as it is in two tone how I will write this

will be X square + Y + natural number is equal to a + 1

if a + 1 is true whenever your case is considered by the principle of Mathematical Induction principle of Mathematical Induction of all n n Where n is a natural cleared out and also clear concept with cement


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