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Using binomial theorem, expand (x1x)6.


Text Solution

= 6C0x6(1x)0 6C1x5(1x)1+ 6C2x4(1x)2
 6C3x3(1x)3+ 6C4x2(1x)4 6C5x1(1x)5+ 6C6x0(1x) 6


To Kuchh Nahin to find the expansion of X + 1 upon Y to the power level using the Binomial Theorem explanation 8 x + 1 upon X ^ 2 number hamare pass Tumse Ek sorry ki usko just Nahin Hoga nc0 actor the power and a to the power 0 + nc1 x to the power n -1 a to the power 1 + dotdotdot up to and C and A to Z power series expansion hoga to the power and equal to Jayegi kaun si power plus
10 to the power 1 class 11 seatu x ^ 9 into one upon B whole square + 11 c 3 x to the power 8 1 upon Y ok plus Ab To 11 se 11 October 10 and 15 2011 the value of a ki Kamal Hota Hai Hamara n factorial divided into En Manasa Kattu day fiance MI vs CSK final revision answer key value pair in kar sakte isliye dekhiae main fine karta hun 10 Ki Bani hoti hai aapko 1111 into sorry 11 into 10 factorial divided between factory and factories 1050 pencil 3-11 2 11 2011
Hamari 15 August 11 + 11 x to the power 10 + 2 11 series complete kar sakte ho sakti kar sakte hain to ho jaega aap usko complete kar lijiyega ka 19 y square + 3 X ^ 2 + 11 11 Kya Hoga again one Hoga karna tha Express 2011


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