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Whole Numbers


Use distributive property of m...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello the question is that use distributive property of multiplication over addition or subtraction and evaluate 43 in 227 here we will use the addition or subtraction so first of all we will use the subtraction for subtraction 43 as it is and 27 can be written as 30 - 3 ok so here we will use the distributive property of multiplication in 1843 X with 30 and -43 X with Siri so we will multiply 43 into a call to 1290 and disease 43239 and 129 track this value is so bad 12

90 sector -12 129 so we will get this is equal to 1161 ok so this is the multiplier of 4327 and we will use the rest of the property of multiplication over subtraction addition we were talking about for addition so here my dear students 43 into 27 and it can be written as 40 written as 40 + 3 and everyone X 27 again so 40 X 27 and + 3 into 27 so we will X is so is zero

and 4728 and here to carry out and 21080 and hair plus 3721 3216 ok and to that is 81 so 1081 so this is becomes 18 16 X and their one that is 1161 ok so this is also the property distributive property of multiplication for and over addition the final say thank you


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