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Class 12






Continuity And Differentiability


Type of Discontinuity - remova...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Halloween Apne pichhali videos Mein Ham Logon Ne continuity ki formal definition Ko Dekha aur apni is video mein ham log types of discontinuity Dekhe discontinue it basically 3 type ki Hoti Hai ham log bataenge ki dish continuity 3 type ki hoti hai pahla type Hota Hai Hamara removable remove label dusra type hota hai discontinuity of first kind of this type of the discontinuity of second kind Chale pahle removable dekhte hain removable discontinuity Ham Naam Se samajh se apne Vada continuity use point may discontinue tikam remove kar sakte hain to use Desh continuity Kaun

Google per bolate hain jaise ki isko Agar mathematical terms Mein Bole To Ham bolenge ki Hamari limit text extending to mis FX is equal to Limit extend into a positive effect Jani Hamari Jo function Koi point a domain ka use point per left hand limit right hand limit ke equal to ho gai hai but yah Jo value Aati Hai suppose Kariye value bike ke theek hai yah kis Ho Gai use point per Function key value ke Ko Nahin Hogi to is type ki discontinuity ko Ham bolate Hain Ki removable discontinuity is discontinued ham log remove kaise karte hain simply ham log function value at point a appropriate value of sin Karke ham log is discontinuity ko Dur Kahate the ki agar ham log is function Mein effective value ko ke lae

assign kar denge Kaise Karke to ham log bolenge Jo hamari discontinue Hoti Hai at point a vah remove ho gai hai ab ham log baat karenge discontinuity of first kind ke is kan mein kya hota hai ki Hamari left hand limit or right hand limit donon exit hoti hai but equal Nahin hote hain limit extending to a minus x minus A minus f x is not equal to is not equal to Limit extending to a positive effects theek hai yah Maine kya likha hai meri to Limit hi yah element exist ho rahi hai but is right hand limit ke equal Nahin Hai To yah is type ke discount in Eco discontinuity Kaun bolate Hain discontinuity of first kind similarly discontinuity of second kind mein kya hota hai neither exist or 9

neither neither yani ki limit extending to a minus b minus neither welcome exist effects exist or is it a little kya hai limit extend into a positive effects exist Agar Hamari left hand limit or right hand limit don't exist Nahin Karegi to ham log bolenge Ki Jo Mera function at point a per second kind ki discontinue today Raat Ke Kuchh questions for examples kam apni Agali videos Mein dekhenge


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