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Two unbiased dice are thrown ....

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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today's question is two unbiased dice are thrown find the probability that the total numbers on the dice 13 so we have to find the probability that the total on the of the numbers on the two devices 13 so for finding the probability the sample space on on trying to destroy having 36 cases that is 111 on the first one on the second one to one on the first two on the second 131 on the first three on the second up to 16 and similarly 6 on the first time and one on the second add up to 6 so we are having 6 possibilities for first time and 6 possibilities for secondary so number of elements in sample space will be 6 x 6 that is 36 this is the number of elements in sample space that is total number of possible out

so now we have to find the probability that the total number on the device 36 so the maximum possible outcome can be 666 on the first day and six on the second I the sum of this will be maximum so 6 + X is equals to 12 the well to find the probability is probability is equals to number of favourable outcomes favourable outcomes upon total outcomes upon total outcomes this is the way to find probability so as here the maximum possible sum of the out is 12 to the proverb the favourable outcome of getting the sum s13 is zero Sun number of

favourable outcomes is zero outcome is equals to zero so of finding probability what we have to do number of favourable outcomes number upon total outcomes so 0.36 that is equal to zero the probability of getting a total of 13 on on talking to dies will be 0 so this is an answer thank you

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