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Two sides of a parallelgram are 12 cm and 8 cm. If one of the interior angles is 135, then find area of the parallelogram.



the question is two sides of a parallelogram are 12 CM if one of the interior angle is 135 degree then find the area of the parallelogram so here ABCD is a parallelogram is 12 cm and AD is 8 and one of its angle is 135 135 degrees We have grown a perpendicular on a&e so the angle will be it total angle is 13592 will be 90 and this angle this angle will be 45 degree and since it is a triangle so this angle is 90 this is 45 this will also be 45 so from here we can get the area of triangle
area of perpendicular area of area of a l l o g area of parallelogram equal to 2 x of area of triangle a two times of area of triangle A since it is making a right angled triangle so the area will be equal to half into into height of interface into Hai To will be allowed base is ab and height is it so we have a bit but we have to find the height Di so here we go
find that we have a triangle which is like this a&e this is 45 degree wap to find this is perpendicular this is why we have to find perpendicular so awarding to sin formula which is perpendicular upon hyper tennis so we can find perpendicular is equal to Hai per tennis into sin theta the form and we will get you will get a bh12 hypotenuse is a sin theta is 45 degree on solving this we will get well into 8 into sin 45 degree is 1 upon root 2 12 in 28 is 96 upon root 2
weekend Nationalised 8 root 2 into root 2 we have 96 root 2 upon 2 it will cancel out we will have 48128 9648 route to send this is what area of Lelo g a d o l l o g


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