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Two parallel chords of a circle , 12 cm and 16 cm long are on the same of the centre. The distance between them is 2 cm. Find the radius of the circle.



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Updated On: 10-6-2021

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Answer :
10 cm
Solution :



00:00 - 00:59two parallel chords of a circle 12 cm and 15 cm long and the scene of the centre the distance between them is 2 cm find the radius of the circle circle bhi sunao Sachin cm long but suppose this is 16 cm chord and this is 12 CM chord now let's suppose this is a handy that distance between them is 2 cm in this is 12 cm and this is this be the centre of a circle
01:00 - 01:59I know that a b is equal to 16 cm and CD is equal to 12 CM now let's suppose I will draw perpendicular on this code on centrum centre let's this is the perpendicular at the point point and so will join point AC so we can see that triangle ABC is right angled triangle sunao be considered let's suppose this is the distance between the distance between these codes are to CM let's go this distance is sunao and we know that the photos of Rebel 2 class from C divides this code to learn so this will be its this also be also B
02:00 - 02:59and 6 cm and 6 cm find the radius of the circle is our second into the Pythagoras Theorem Pythagoras Theorem you know that cm is equal to Y is equal to R and m is equal to it that are square is equal to m square + MC square a node at the value of n is equal to 8 square + Y square + Y square + 64 now now in triangle this is another Triangles this is this is dash is will
03:00 - 03:59be 3-10 triangle Sea Dash c.n. as this is also right angle triangle so we can write this as she said as will be equal to 8 cm is equal to 6 and c dash n is equal to Y + now this show will apply Pythagoras Theorem so I can write this as you know that this is why Britain is status r.c.c. dashes h r square is equal to X square + Y + 2 square 36 + a square + b square + Y square + 4 + 2 24 equation 1 and equation to a similar are equal equation is equal to equation 2
04:00 - 04:59we can write this as 64 + Y square is equal to 36 + Y square + 4 + 4 y square get cancelled 64 - 40 sequel 24 or

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