Updated on:30/05/2023

Two lines AB and CD are cut by a transversal EF, as shown in the figure. Identify the given pair of angles as adjacent angles, vertically opposite angles, alternate angles, corresponding angles or co-interior angles


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The correct Answer is adjacent angles


so two lines ab and CD are cut by a transversal here as shown in the figure identify the given pair of angles and adjacent angles vertically opposite angles alternate angles corresponding angles of interior angles so we are to identify that 214 angle 204 what is the relation between them so this is angle to this is angle for now if you look at angle to angle to angle to it has an angle to 100 phone for both this angle to and angle for have a common vertex have a common vertex have a common arm and Lie and the non communicable and non common
Aam lies on the opposite sides opposite sides of common I'm so here you can see that the common vertex this and they have this line this from this vertex to be this is a common arm and this line from here and on the download that these then on common name and their lives on the opposite side of the word the common noun this this situation state that these two are adjacent angles because they because they fulfill these three conditions because I have a common vertex common Amen on come on opposite side of the common noun so therefore we can write it has the right conclude that angle to and angle for our angle to and angle for
ignited population into an angle for adjacent angles their adjacent angles


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