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Class 9






Lines And Angles


Two lines A B\ a n d\ C D inte...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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1980 and CD intersect at point O if angle A + 170 find the measure of angle and the diagram Line Line ab and CD intersect at point and the angle A and Angle B

so lipstick this angle A + Angle B + O2 = 210 now we know that the sum of all around the point is 360 bright like this and the angle A is equal to the cause of around point is equal to minus and round upon we know that these are there

we know all the values only given their value plus and now so angle A is equal to minus this 26 CM sorry SKU degree - 70 degree we are getting your 90 degree now after that we can say that angle A is is equal to angle covid-19 and why because they are vertically opposite vertically

opposite and say that angle A angle equal to 180 degree why because the angle on a straight line outline the angles on the straight line they are equal to 18 also angle 90 degree is already day is equal to 180 degree at the end what is happening yours angle A equal to 90 degree Hindi

- 180 degree 219 equal to Angle B equal to 90 degree the team vertically opposite angle vertically opposite so therefore we can write that the angle of the measure of Angle A Angle D covid-19 angle angle A and angle b is equal to 90 degree ok each angle is equal to 90 what we need

to prove in this question thank you

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