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Conic Sections


Two fixed circles with radii r...

Two fixed circles with radii `r_1a n dr_2,(r_1> r_2)` , respectively, touch each other externally. Then identify the locus of the point of intersection of their direction common tangents.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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question is to fix circles with radii R1 and R2 respectively touch Each Other externally identify the locus of the point of intersection of the direction of the direct common tangent happy direct Tu bolegi to fix ho gaya hai iska Centre ko Ham 2020 Mein lete hain and ine donon ka radius kya hai Badi wali cycle carrier Shetkari Divas Hai Armaan and his car radio se 8 ok I want to do is find the coordinates kya ho Jaenge is Pani coordinates Malo Iske hai aur one plus 8 to commerce Rumal x-axis direction me or this point it direct access point for iski common tangents meat curry QC 4.1 aur uske coordinates Malo alfagomma zero to a gaya ab Agar Ham ab Agar Hamen donon lines ko join kar diya han se isko se isko isko Agar inke Saath join kar lo

this point is D this point is ca&a hai jssc agar Ham triangle ko Dekhen in triangle ACD Hamen pata hai ki yaden triangle similar Honge theek hai yahan se angle 90 degree angle angle se mein aapas mein bhai Tu Jab Bhi Koi do triangle similar ho to kis lights promotion Mein Hoti Hai To Matlab Ham yahan se likh sakte hain R2 R1 R2 R1 is equal to this distance by this is a distance between equality yah pura distance Ki Kore Alpha minus Alpha Gai equal hai and usmein se you distance nikalne ke liye Paise Wala distance final kar denge witches are oneplus are to this is divided by Alpha ok so you have Mein Kaise likh diya this by

Ticket To Ham cross multiply Karenge to aaega 82 Alpha is equal to R1 Alpha minus b square minus R1 R2 abhi has Alpha key value Nikali hai tu Jaha Mai ko solve Karenge to Alpha Kya Ho Gaya urban square + 1 or 2 by Armaan - are two Alpha Alpha ki Pahli Hai To Matlab locus of the point ke Rahega x x Lenge locus of the point which is equal to Urban square + R1 R2 by our 1 -2 ok and since this is a constant Thomas ko ek hi Khol sakte hain isko a Malo to that means is car logos of that point Kiya Gaya x is equal to a which is the equation of straight line to that means locus of the point of intersection of the common tangents of a circle which touches externally is the


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