Two dice are thrown together. Let A be the event getting 6 on the first die and B the event getting 2 on the second die. Are the events A and B independent?


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Sunita this question question in which two types of home together and Advertising marketing and P2 question is asking that A and B are independent or not so let's start appearing to write something is equal to which is equal to sample will be 11 12 13 14 to 15 121
22 23 24 25 2250 Hrithik ko 14243 Putt Putt Putt Putt 52 53 54
55 56 62 63 64 65 and pic now 88662 last line containing 6 April 21 by and probability of getting two on the second I am
also be divided by 36 which is equal to 1 by 6 and ko independency busy to calculate the value of a intersection b will be that will contain the cause and into the second I just the one temple out that is 62 B equal to 1 / 36 24 independent into probability of b is equal to 1 divided by 3 into 10 by 36 to probability of a into
B equal to video bf4 E and B are independent thank you

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