To divide a line segment in a given ratio.


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so in this question we have to write the steps to divide a line segment in a given ratio for doing that what do you want to do it lets say let's say the line is the line is ab and we have to divided in AP to divide it in the ratio the ratio 1 is to be the steps for construction will be first of all you say this is a line ab so I will say this instead of their due to acidity
after that the second step will be will draw a line will draw any acute angle se randomly will draw an acute angle this document angle now we are given that you are to draw a line in the ratio of a place to be so what will we calculate a + b ok now whatever the same place he comes out will make will take the compass mark any measure and take any radius and mark the number of marks will make A plus bi master a + b for example I am late in this has 3 is to 4 and + we will come out to be 7 soil make sentence of 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 now have got7 mark I will live with MS A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6
and A7 ok now since we have to draw so very to divide this line you have it in the ratio of 3 is so I will join this line A7 with the end we will join A7 with b and b now what we are going to do this now we have to do this in the ratio 3 is to 4 weeks after divide this line in the ratio of the first is given as 3 volt 1 3 marks A1 A2 A3 will take from the E3 draw a line which is parallel to a 7 b and will touch this line built and will draw a line that is parallel to a p from A3 so I suppose this is the line this is the point where the structures so I will level this point as she now what we have is now you have two line segments that is AC and
BC so basically this AC by BC is higher the line segments are in the ratio of are equal to 3 by 4 or we can simply write data AC is ratio to BC is equals to 3 is to 4 so in the similar fashion whatever the services or whatever the sum ratio is given to us you will join take the sum draw similar draw that number of Mark join the last Mein with the end of the line and whatever the sum over the issue we need so we can draw a fee if you like in this sense as to be so either we can take away from the starting draw a line that is parallel to the last line to the end line that is the last Mark joined to the island and withdrawal that or if you take the second if you take this part we will take DD from the from the end so from the last word will take for be for example here it is 4:30 from a Celtic force of 123 and 404 it will come out to be at a 3 only so
this will how will draw a line parallel to the point where it cuts that point divide the line segment into the given ratio so is this is the way we divide how we draw a divide the line segment in the given ratio

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