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Introduction To Three Dimensional Geometry


Three vertices of a parallelog...

Three vertices of a parallelogram ABCD are `A (3, 1, 2)`, `B (1, 2, 4)`and `C ( 1, 1, 2)`. Find the coordinates of the fourth vertex.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : It is given that three vertices of a parallelogram `ABCD` are `A(3,1,2),B(1,2, 4)` and `C(1,1,2)`. <br> Let us suppose that the coordinates of the fourth vertex be represented by `D(x,y,z)`. <br> Here, `AC` and `BD` are the diagonals of the parallelogram `ABCD`. <br> As we know that the diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other, i.e., the mid-points of the diagonals of a parallelogram are same. <br> i.e., Mid-point of `AC=` Mid-point of `BD` `...(i)` <br> Since, in three-dimensional space, the mid-point between `(x_1,y_1,z_1)` and `(x_2,y_2,z_1)` is defined as, <br> Mid-point`=((x_1+x_2)/2,(y_1+y_2)/2,(z_1+z_2)/2)` <br> So, the equation `(i)` becomes, <br> `((3+1)/2,(1+1)/2,(2+2)/2)=((1+x)/2,(2+y)/2,(4+z)/2)` <br> `=>(4/2,2/2,4/2)=((1+x)/2,(2+y)/2,(4+z)/2)` <br> `=>(2,1,2)=((1+x)/2,(2+y)/2,(4+z)/2)` <br> On comparing both sides, we get, <br> `(1+x)/2=2,(2+y)/2=1` and `(4+z)/2=2` <br> On simplifying the above, we get, <br> `(1+x)/2=2` <br> `1+x=2xx2` <br> `1+x=4` <br> `x=4-1` <br> `x=3` <br> And, `(2+y)/2=1` <br> `2+y=1xx2` <br> `2+y=2` <br> `y=2-2` <br> `y=0` <br> Also, `(4+z)/2=2` <br> `4+z=2xx2` <br> `4+z=4` <br> `z=4-4` <br> `z=0` <br> Therefore, the coordinates of the fourth vertex is, <br> `D(x,y,z)=(3,0,0)` <br> Which is the required answer.


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today's question we are given with three words of parallelogram ABCD you have to find the coordinates of the fourth vertex it get into the solution that started at present the parallelogram graphically take this point as a 312 similarly point B 124.6 coordinates f11 compare two plates SharePoint the connoisseur x y z ok we know that AC and BD are diagonals of the parallelogram ABCD intersect at point we know that the diagonals bisect each other so the midpoint of AC is equal to midpoint of BD in a parallelogram ok so midpoint of AC is given by 3 + 1 / to come 1 + 1 divided by 2 + 2 divided

2 is equals to X + 1 / 2 Y + 2 / 2 Kama Zed plus 4 / to so if you require the x-coordinate we get X + 1 is equals to 3 + 1 then we get access one sorry access 3 ok similarly frequent the y-coordinate we get Y + 2 is equals to 1 + 1 so we get why s03 Z co-ordinate Z PS4 is equals to 2 + 2 then we get Z as 0 so the coordinates of the fourth point D3200 thank you for watching the video I hope you found this review helpful