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Cartesian Systems Of Rectangular Coordinates - For Boards


Three points A(x_1 , y_1), B (...

Three points `A(x_1 , y_1), B (x_2, y_2) and C(x, y)` are collinear. Prove that: `(x-x_1) (y_2 - y_1) = (x_2 - x_1) (y-y_1)`.


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hello Surendra the question for today's we are given 3 points X1 Y1 X2 Y2 and xy Apollo near to prove this so now we know that if the three points lies on one point they must be just right of points for ABC ok X1 Y1 vs X2 Y2 and xy so now we know that if they are collinear IMO ab = BC was macaulay2 - so now what is what will be the slope of Ab it would be right to minus y 1 upon 2 minus 6 1 will be the top of every now ABC will be Y minus 2 upon x minus 6 to ok now would be a minus one upon x minus x

so now we know that the first and the third Tomar equals we will again right way to minus one upon x 2 - 6 1 is equal to Y minus one upon x minus 6 1 shifting the left hand side we will get x minus 6 1 and 2 white 2 - Y1 will be equal to X 2 - X 150 distance about this is what we had to prove which is in the question ok hence proved too much