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Class 12






Properties Of Triangle - For Competition


Three circles whose radii are ...

Three circles whose radii are a,b and c and c touch one other externally and the tangents at their points of contact meet in a point. Prove that the distance of this point from either of their points of contact is `((abc)/(a+b+c))^(1/2)`.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Saturday August 3 circles of radii a b c touch Each Other externally and the tensions and their points of contact meet in a point prove that the distance of this one from the point of contact is a b c / a + b + C whole to the power 1 by 2 3 draw the required diagram so circle first one second one and this ok of the Titans 3 points software joining we get a triangle ok now it's true that engines from this point this point and this part so from this point that the tangent from this

point that the tangent with this one from this point that I will be this one show all the students meet at a point at this point we I ok and let this point we this specific A B and C with address ABC this is the radius of the circle Solan this is multi and the source of the small with the radius is still too small a small and that this Christmas easy and small length at this point to be at this point BF images find the ji this and ID d e f i d then I and if the common tangents meeting

at I ok now from the tangent to the can say that ID is equal to IAS tangent to the same point and I is equal to y f Udaipur we can say that from this to be considered ID equal to IE is equal to I and let this be equal to smaller ok so now since it is perpendicular to BC I is perpendicular to BC then if is perpendicular to ab therefore we can say that we can say that I is the incentre of triangle ABC whose sides are B plus T C plus

plus b + C + and this is a + b so now the perimeter of the triangle ABC is equal to 1 + 3 + 3 + A + A + B vitamins 2x is equal to 2 x of a + b + c which meant that as a equals to a + b + 6 now we know that area that is Delta is equals to root over as into x minus 2 x minus 5 is equal to cos b + c then the second scientist C plus a into x minus plus we can write b + c is equals to x minus A to SNS will get cancelled to be will get here as

into here we will get a because as will get cancelled and minus minus we will get similarly we will get P because she + a is equal to as finally we show the as an asset to cancel a minus minus b + b + b and here we will get it to the value of Y is equal to root Android ke OK I will be equal to Delta by X is equals to root under a b c / request to put under a b c / ok now as a request to be a test a + b + c therefore we can write this as a b c / a + b + C whole to the power half and fever after proof required answer


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