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Probability I


Three boys and two girls stand...

Three boys and two girls stand in a queue. The probability, that the number of boys ahead is at least one more than the number of girls ahead of her is?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : A
Solution : 3 Boys and 2 Girls … <br> (1) B (2) B (3) B (4) <br> Girl can't occupy 4th position. <br> Either girls can occupy 2 of 1, 2, 3 position or they can both be at position (1) or (2). <br> Hence, total number of ways in which girls can be seated <br> `=.^(3)C_(2) xx 2! xx 3! + .^(2)C_(1) xx 2! xx 3! = 36 + 24 = 60`. <br> Number of ways in which 3 boys and 2 girls can be seated = 5! <br> `therefore` Required probability = `(60)/(5!) = (1)/(2)`


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3 boys and 2 girls stand in a queue the probability that the number of boys is at least one more than the number of girls head of forest now according to the question following possibilities are there case to case and total number of boys and girls Liv 52 we have to arrange this like this there will be a girl even then why then Galti to then why B2B because the conditions that the probability that the number of boys is at least one more than the number of girls and of Harish like this now we won't even be 202 BTG stand for girls bus stand for boys similarly Mein

3 line is even B1 B2 B2 and B3 uptodate girls generation girls separate 10 table with box like this case girl will be separate they will awaken ke sabhi girl separate then boy one after that girl separate Y2 will be separate in boy 3 out of 3 gas to are selected and girls are the standing there in 3C to don't waste will be 3 seater because there is 3 gas and to get selected and girls are standing there in ec2 vs next boy and girls permute separately in

trip to realme X 2 factorials ways so therefore number of ways will be true for the values 3C 2 x 3 factorial there will be girls girls waist and there will be boy veg now we're to multiply both then we got valuable bhi 3636 into 236 now we are to make second condition like this case is to showcase to will be like this Z1 Z2 B1 B2 and B3 up-to-date

similarly we have to put be one girl One girl two boy to and y3 similarly boy one boy Two Girl One girl two and after that there will be not possible now therefore Hans Hans please selected in to see one way cab then the permutation will be 3 factorial X to factorial and the number will be selected will be To c-133 titorial Dil b2c 13 2013 after that value of 3.3 into

10 23 x 26 July 21223 then 24 days now to because they were treated with 3 X 2 to 10 table with only 2 27 will be 23 x 26 6 x 12 22 24 days now we have to find the required probability that will be there will be 36 + 24 the case was will be 36 and S ke sabhi 24 upon total sartorial it means 5 factorial 60 the value of petrol in 120 to the value will be 1 by 2 is the correct answer