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Thershold frequency, v0 is the minimum frequency which a photon must possess to eject an electron from a metal. It is different for different metals. When a photon of frequency 1.0×1015s1 was allowed to hit a metal surface, an electron having 1.988x1019J of kinetic energy was emitted. Calculated the threshold frequency of this metal.
equal to 600nm hits the metal surface.


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We know that hv=hv0+KE
hvKE=hv0=(6.626×1034Js×1×1015s1)1998×1019J ltbr> hv0=6.626×10191.988×1019J
when λ=600nm=600×1019m
Thus v<v0 hence , no electron will be emitted.
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every one of these questions is that natural frequency which is known as new not is the minimum frequency with a photon must possess to visit an electron Thomas M we all know that what sexual preferences now says that it is different from different metals when a photon of frequency 1 into 10 15 second and was was allowed to hit a metal surface and electron having this much use of kinetic energy was admitted to Rehab to calculate the threshold frequency for this metal equal to the 600 NM at this metal surface sold as a solution basically impossible calculate threshold frequency and Dental when this much kilometre of wavelength of the light is hurting them whether we like it or not calculate threshold frequency network has been given to us so we have been given that the frequency of the photon is 1
into 10 raise to power 15 second inverse and the kinetic energy has been given to us as 1.988 into 10 power minus 19 June to be the relation to calculate the threshold frequency will be h new sequel to H new not less ke basically the energy that is an incident as it is being utilised possible to exactly electron from its surface energy is going in its kinetic energy of the solution is this machine was given by inside a substitute the value latest rearranged rearranging we get not which we have to calculate the threshold frequency are equal to new - kinetic energy upon
h HSC planck constant substituting the values we get neurotoxicity 22 B equal to new which is the frequency in frequency data given to us as tenders for 50 - energy which is 1.988 into 10 power minus 19 June upon the Planck's Constant using LED lights constant is 6.626 into 10 power minus 30 non solving this we get this threshold frequency versus New not to be equal to point 699 into 10 raise to power 15 second inverse 10,000 natural frequency it says that a wavelength of Lambda is NM is incident on a metal surface to the total what will happen it having given that landis
600 NM Dekho design converted in metre which is the SI unit that will be 600 into 10 raise to power minus 9 metre aur can be written as 6 into 10 power minus 7 to converted in the frequency because over your vehicle with natural frequency of the threshold wavelength to frequency and The frequencies less than the threshold frequency then the invention will not occur and if it is more than the electrons will Subah bhi relation to calculate frequency from lenses news equal to 3 by langur is the speed of light is 3 into 10 power 8 metre per second and Lambda 6 into 10 raise to power minus 7 on solving this listing comes out to be point 5
into 10 raise to power 15 second was clearly see that this incident frequency is less than a threshold frequency because the third point 699 where where is this is point 5 there no electron will meet let me know electron will this BE Computer Solution thank you

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