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Area And Perimeter


There is a square field of are...

There is a square field of area 'N' square metres. A cylindrical ditch of radius 7 metres and depth 4 metres is dug, and the earth is taken out and spread over the remaining part of the square field, the height of square field. goes up by I .54 metres. What is the value of 'N'?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`548 m^2``524 m^2``518 m^2``554 m^2`

Answer : D
Solution : Volume of the cylindrical ditch `=pir^2h` <br> `=22/7xx7xx7xx4` <br> `=616m^2` <br> Area of remaining field `=(N-pir^2)m^2` <br> `=(N-154)m^2` <br> ATQ <br> `(N-154)xx1.54=616` <br> `(N-154)=400` <br> `N=554m^2`


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