There are two circular gardens A and B. The circumference of garden A is 1.760 km and the area of garden B is 25 times the area of garden A. Find the circumference of garden B.



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Updated On: 6-5-2021

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Answer :
8.8 km
Solution :



00:00 - 00:59there are two circular Gardens A and B the circumference of Garden a is 1.67 60 km and area of Garden B area of Garden B is 25 times area Garden a now find the circumference of Garden be we need to find the circumference of Garden be now let's consider this is Garden A and this is Garden be this is Garden be now it is given that garden a is 1.760 km circumference of Garden is given now she circumference of a circle is nothing but to buy our is circumference in this case let's say this let's say this is Aaye which is the radius of Garden A
01:00 - 01:59and this is RB which is the radius of Garden beat now it is given that 1.760 km is equal to equal to 1760 metre therefore we can write 1760 m is equal to 25 R1 R1 this is we know this is given now according to the condition it is given that area of Garden B is 25 times the area of Garden a now using Second Edition we can write Pi Rs square is equal to Pi RBC square this is 25 this is 24 x just
02:00 - 02:59cancel out this Pi we get 25 are a square is equal to R square b square root on both side we get get Hai you are is is equal to RB therefore radius of this Garden B is 5 times the radius of this Garden a no see if radius is radius of Garden B is 5 times radius of Garden a then its circumference will be also 5 times of Garden a therefore circumference ab garden we will be equal to five times 5 x circumference of Garden a which is equal to 5 into 1760
03:00 - 03:59m m which is equal to 0 0 hate and 8 kilo metre which is equal to our financer is final answer is equal to 8.8 km this is circumference of Garden be this is our final answer

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