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There are 6 items in column A ...

There are 6 items in column A and 6 items in column B. A student is asked to match each item in column A with an item in column B. How many possible, correct or incorrect, answer are there to this question?



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Updated On: 15-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello friends question is there are 6 items in column a in 6 items in column b h to match each item in column a with an item in Call of the ok how many possible correct or incorrect answer to this question number of possibilities as you know heavy have a we have to match two columns from this one and that will match with the column B right train total we do have to place is right for students understand one thing at first place where you can saying first column we have 6
01:00 - 01:59items in total which we have to be matched with the column B in which 6 entries are also available in total at first place we are having 6 choices similarly as place we are also having fixed prices now just to find the number of ways than just X 36 that is nothing but this is a required answer students so here we do have 36 possible correct or incorrect answers thank you so much

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