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Class 11






Permutations And Combinations


There are 5 questions in a que...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello so this is a question there are 5 questions in question paper in how many ways can a boys all solve one or more questions of this is a very simple question of combinations of so we start our solution directly so we write the total ways ok now tell me if we solve one or more questions ok so this phrase if we can solve one question from the five this become 501 ok if esol Plus episode 2 questions from the five so this become 5C 2 similarly if we solve three questions this within 5 C3 if we solve 4 questions should become 5C 4

and if it's all all questions this because 5c price ok these are the total ways now we calculate this 5C 1 is equal to 5 a and 5 seater is equal to 5 into 4121 ok plus no 53 can be written s5253 39532 Aaye so this is all is also 5 into 4.21 ki now 5C for and 501 are equal so 57 value is Y + 5 c51 only ok so this is two times in this will be cut to X ok total become 5 + 5 + 10 +

10 + 1 is equal to 31 ways ok so this is a branch thank you

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