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Class 12






Permutations And Combinations


There are 12 points in a plane...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hello friends we have a question here that there are 12 points in a plane in which 6 are collinear the number of different angle that can be drawn by joining so we have two endpoints in which 6 are collinear collinear as in the 6.2 in same line that if I have a line this is my line so this point 1.2.3 point 4 5 and 6 are in same line but from this line we can't make triangle like can we make triangle know we won't make triangle with the 6.2 for triangle how many points we need we need three points total number of triangle will be total number of triangle total number of triangle can be drawn

equal total point we have first I will write total point we have equal to triangle total points to need to format the total number of points to be need to form a triangle are triangle equal to 3 total number of triangles can be formed that is 12c 3 - in 12c 3 all points will be the air it is non non collinear or collinear now we will subtract the colonists triangle pattern that is 6 C C swivel subtract 633 this is equal to 12 factorial divided by 9 factorial divided

9 factorial into 3 factorial - 6 factorial divided by 3 into 3 factor that will be equal to 12 into 10 into 11 / 3 into 2 - 6 into 4 divided by 3 into two that 33 and to will cancel out within the Mane 6 and this is cancel out so here we will get 6 into 10 to 11 - That is equal hair we will get to hear that is 6 into 1666 into two is 12 so this is this we will get here this is to hear that

is 2 into 10 into 11 - - 20 that is here we will also have 5 because 6 factorial equal to 6 into 5 into 4 into 3 factorial and 3 and 3 cancel out so hair that is 4 in 25 this equal to 20 - 20 equal to 200 total number of triangle which will be formed are 200

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