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Class 12






Direction Cosines And Direction Ratios


The x-coordinates of a point o...

The x-coordinates of a point on t line joining the points `Q(2,2,1)a n dR(5,1,-2)i s4.` Find its z-coordinate.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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everyone questions is X co-ordinate of a point on the line joining the points A 1 and find its economy let there is a line Kyon with point Q 221 and are 5 1 -2 that there is a point P with X co-ordinate we have given the x-coordinate that X co-ordinate of a point is 4 4 but Y and Z coordinates Anu solar we take y z coordinates as Y and Z is a point Q and R this point will cut this whole line in Lambda ratio 1 lanbiya supposing that the baby is getting this whole line inland Barish open and put these types of question if the point

is given at Lamba you Shubham then to find the X Y and Z point we will use a ratio and which is equal to Lambda ratio 1 where will be left at an will be fun then the formula is I am want X2 + m 2 X 1 upon M1 vs M2 comma M12 plus m2y one upon M1 vs M2 plus M1 2 + M2 Z1 a w m 1 + M2 where M1 and M2 is equal to Lambda if we suppose that on putting the value in the equation what you will get we will get 5 + 2 upon Lambda + 1 + 2

upon Lambda + 1 and -2 Lambda + 1 upon 1 + 1 where these points are these points are X2 Y2 and Z2 and 30 points are X1 Y1 nz1 now we're given that the x-coordinate is equal to 4 then this term will also go 249 apply this time equal to 4 then find Lambda + 2 is equal to is equal to four a phone Lambda + 1 on solving 5 Lambda + 2 is equal to 4 Lambda + 4 Lambda is equal to 2 on applying this Lambda is equal to 2 in this equation to find the state coordinator for Z minus 2 into 2 + 1 upon 2 + 1 it will be minus 4 + 1 upon 2 + 1 is equal to minus 3 upon 3 is equal to

-1 and this is a was that contain a thank you


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