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The width of a cloth is 170 cm...

The width of a cloth is 170 cm. Calculate the length of the cloth required to make 25 diapers, if each diaper requires a piece of cloth of size 50 cm by 17 cm.



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Updated On: 24-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59I love you the questions is worth of cloth is 170 cm calculate the length of the required to make 25 iski stepper requires a piece of cloth size 50 cm by 17 cm the question is that there is a piece of cloth house width is 170 cm and length we have to calculate from that cloth ab 2525 and dimension of one diaper is given that is 50 cm 3 cm so to find the length of the cloth we can say that the total cloth the total cloth total cloth will be equal to India of 25 years
01:00 - 01:59we can say that the total cost will be area of 25 years and we know that area of 25 diverse will be 25 x we can write area of total cloth will be length X width of the truth we can total cloth X breadth of total cloth that will be equal to 25 x area of one diaper X blade top
02:00 - 02:59diaper Sandeep considered this further vecancy length of total cloth X breath now in question is that is 170 cm that is width so we can be taken as a flat bread there that is 170 cm is equal to 25 x length of diaper is 50 that is given in the question 50 y17 that's length and breadth we can write length is 15 and 17 continuing further if you have to find this length then we have to remove this 170 so I will take it from this side on the left hand side to the right hand side total cloth
03:00 - 03:59is it to 25 X 50 X 17 / 170 now if you see this will cancel by 17 17 17 cancelar 2017 what we are left with 25 x 25 25 x no 125 we can say that total cloth 125 CM this is but we are finding this is

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