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The weights of three packets a...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : `11""29/60` kg

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question question packets are 2424 sec15 3kg and 5kg find the total weight what we have to do we have to find total wealth of all so platform to solve this is not a very tough question just have to understand this now ok Google ads 2 + 3 + 5 + 5 kg and estate planning by the simple example and we have to do the same but we have they have looking typical value not typical in actual

will have to just change in simple fraction and then we will have to add all of this by taking LCM super I will not down this extract month and we can write here is to main to Tera according to question we will adhere to 3 by 4 + 1 by 3 + 5 by 5 + 8 + now as we are seeing your denominators of all this refraction at different 35 take care the LCM of all

5 first of all we can take multiplication of all the three because all three years are there is no number which can divide 22 number taking Alchemy 2 now now 1518 53115 again my file 111 ok so what will be 2 into 2 into 3 into 5 1260 ok

I will explain the will you will get his anus to understand this by the way I am going to do this ok 15 what is the numerator 1111 1111 now 65/3 what we're doing via dividing the 60 by this ok this is the way we will do the question 20 Into X 10 will get 200 Plus

will divide 69 destruction denominator you will get 12 into 27 27 27 27 minister to build with 24 now what we have to do we have to just ok 405 we can 99206 8325 16689 by 6 kg ok 1726 country shape Ok Google not we cannot cancel 2000 but we can do one work we can change it in which fraction

again we will have 86011 then you will have your 2916 kg and answer English answer ok


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