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the weights of 5 boxes of srew...

the weights of 5 boxes of srews vary from 2.85 pounds to 3.45 pounds. If w represents the weight, in pounds, of one of these boxes, which of the following must be true?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B


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the weight of 5 boxes of screw vary from 2.85 Lbs to 3.45 Pounds if w represents the weight in pounds of these boxes which of the following must be true so let's see all these functions are in the form of mod and less than equal to sign select understand this type of inequality whenever a function or inequality is represented in this form that means if you open this inequality we get a range from minus x minus b to Plus and therefore if we add both the sides we get B minus a x A plus bi so

this is our whole simplification of this type of variables so if we find the values of A and B we can find we can get these expressions so here the weight where is from 2.85 23.45 so we can write w as 2.45 and 3.45 so if we quit this equation and this equation we get B minus A people's 22.45 and a + b = 23.45 sorry that is 85 this value will be

equals to 85 this hour and these are our two values if we add both of these equations will get over a is cancelled and we will get to x b = 20 and this is 12 13 carries one and 6.3 will be equals to 3.15 the value of P we found out as 3.15 so we can find the value of a from let's say the second equation so we get equals to 3.45 - 3.15 equals to 0.3 if we put the values of A and B in this formula we will get ex - 3.5

3.15 Mod that is less than equals to 0.3 and this function is well represented at option B option B is a right answer