The volume of a sphere is 38808 cm^(3), find its diameter and the surface area.



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Updated On: 26-5-2021

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Answer :
`42 cm; 5544 cm ^(2)`



00:00 - 00:59the volume of a sphere is 38808 cm cube find its diameter and surface area for in this question we have to find the diameter of a given spear and its surface area for we will write the volume of a sphere volume of Sphere that is given here is 38808 cm cube and as you know that volume of Sphere is equals to is equals to 4 by 3 5 rq4 equating both the equation we get 38808 is equal to 4 by 3 into our q4 we will transfer this differ by 3 into 5 left
01:00 - 01:59so we will get three 38808 into 3 by 4 into 4 value of pi is 22/7 is equals to 38822 clouds 1754 time so we can write 1764 in 23 this 7 will come upward into 7 upon 4 is equal to are now cancelling 1764 before we get 441 into 3 into 7 is equals to argue for multiplying 9261 is equals to ask you so win we know that 21 cube
02:00 - 02:59course to 9261 so we can write 21 cube is equal to ask you for the value of R is 21 CM now we will calculate its diameter for diameter is equal to 2 x of the radius for multiplying it we get to into 21 that is 42 CM now we will calculate the surface area for surface area of sphere is equal to 45 R square Vinod the formula for applying their we get 4 into the value of pi is 22/7 into the value of Rs 21 in 221 for cancelling out twenty one with 73 times for multiply it we get 4 into 22 that is 88 so we will right here
03:00 - 03:598888 into 21 that is 63 of multiplying 88 into 63 we get the surface area so it will be close to 5544 CM square to this is our answer

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