The volume of a cuboidal box is 48\ c m^3 . If its height and length are 3cm and 4cm respectively, find its breadth.



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Updated On: 7-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Hindi question 3 volume of a cuboidal box is 48 cm cube if its height and length are 3cm and 4cm year 4 cm respectively then PF to find its breadth so here we first consider consider Our Lady that of this cuboid P B CM so here let the year let the breadth of Let the breadth of this cuboid that one is equals to 20 cm and here it is given that the length is equal to 4 cm and the height is given to be here 3370 sunao use the formula for the volume of cuboid so here the volume the volume of cuboid we know the formula for that one is equals to length into here it is breath length into breath into it is height now we simply put the values to the wall
01:00 - 01:59this property is given to this one so here it is 48 CM you so here we get 48 and that what is equals to violence is given to be force and it will be 4 into battersby which we have to find out into it is 3 so here now we use this expression to find out the value of this be so here we get 48 is equals to 4 into 3 is equal to 12 Sahib k12n to be and here we get the value of Y is equals to 48 / 12 so 12 cancel this one and navigate 4 so we get the value of B is equals to hear it will be for a week and it to be like the breadth of the cuboid so here the breadth of the breadth of cuboid that one is equals to be so here it will be equal to 4 cm M and here that's the answer

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