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The values of `k in R` for which the system of equations `x+k y+3z=0,k x+2y+2z=0,2x+3y+4z=0` admits of nontrivial solution is a. `2` b. `5//2` c. `3` d. `5//4`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the values of K with long tour 4 based system equations but basin is X + 3 Y + Z = U S E X + 2 Y + 2 equal to zero and third person is 2 x + 3 Y + 4 is equal to zero and non trivial solution at non trivial solution here is to Ocean waves 5 by 2 option 3 and option d-54 right as we know that if a person having non trivial solution it means that of these represent 2008 so it was determined at home by coefficient of x y z of these equation 2220 slide show first baby ke liye determined by coefficient of these three equations by the supervision of ascent of x square is

where is ke and his thing that and Y S visionary get the coefficient of drag coefficient of wife two coffees and get to that end here and now we are going to expand the determined by Rohan after expenses will get air 1 in 2 out to the 88 - 6 1 year ke this into this suggest four k - 4 x + 3 into 3 - 48 it is equal to zero that all these then you get your - 2 - 4K square minus minus plus 4K an area is precum + 9 ke -12 it is

type that all these then you will get here - 4K square + 4 + 9 if we come + 13 ke Rahte near -2 it comes out plus two Red Cross Kate minus 6 is gift plus to write CEO + 2 - 12 is gift -10 night and it is equal to if you multiply minus 12 all equation then you will get here for a square minus 13 ke last and it is equal to zero now you can also write as four k square minus 8 plus 5 in place of 13 right into ke plus 10

is equal to zero light that all these then you will get here 4K square - 8 ke -5 ke class 10 it is equal to zero light light 4K from first night then here you will get 4K into your left only ke -2 right now and -5 a so you will get air 1 -2 that this is equal to zero right now we're going to gain taking common x minus 3 ke -2 from both left only hear a minus 2 into four k and minus 5 is equal to zero as we know that the product of two number is zero it means that first number Zero B minus 2 is equal to zero and second number from here to and from here you will get

5 by 4 pets to these two values comes out for these three equations having non trivial solution right swear you can see that a visit to and of Sandy beaches 5 by 4 more that character traits sundarta final answer thank you

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