The value of x satisfying the equation cos^(-1)3x+sin^(-1)2x=pi is



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Updated On: 23-4-2021

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`x=(1)/(sqrt(3))``x=(-1)/(sqrt(3))``x=(-1)/(sqrt(3))`none of these

Answer :
Solution :
`sin^(-1)2x=pi-cos^(-1)3x` <br> `rArr sin^(-1)2x=cos^(-1)(-3x)` <br> `rArr sqrt(1-4x^(2))=-3x(xlt 0)` <br> `rArr x^(2)=(1)/(13)` <br> `rArr x=(-1)/(sqrt(13))` <br> But for `x lt 0, pi//2 lt cos^(-1)3x lt pi` and `-pi//2 lt sin^(-1)2x lt 0` <br> `therefore L.H.S. ne pi` <br> Hence, equation has no solution.



00:00 - 00:59hello students in this question we have to find the value of x such that its satisfy the equation Cos inverse 3 x + sin inverse 2x equal to pi now let calculate it first of all we have given that Cos inverse of 3 x + sin inverse of 2 X equal to now we can write that Sin inverse Sin inverse of x = 2 - 5 - Cos inverse 3 X = 2 Sin inverse Sin inverse 2x = 2 Cos inverse of minus 3 x square minus 5 minus Cos inverse theta equals to Cos inverse minus theta so we can write that so this is equals to this is equals to now let's suppose this is our right angle triangle
01:00 - 01:59and this is our theatre so we can say that Sin inverse 2x = 2 theta so we can say that sin theta sin theta equal to 2 X so basically this is our 2x Disawar once this is our 1 - 4 x square so we can say that cause of theta cos theta equal to under root 1 - X per so we can write s Cos inverse under root 1 minus 4 x square equal to theta not put here basically this is our theatre put here so we can get Cos inverse under root 1 minus 4 x square 4 x square equals to Cos inverse minus 3 x now on comparing both sides we can get a basic requirement apply cause both sides so we can get under root
02:00 - 02:591 - 4 x square equals to minus 3 x 9 we can write that is spelling both sides sparing both sides we can get 1 - 4 x square equal to 9 x square is equals to 1 equals to 13 x square y square equal to 1 by 30 so we can ride at x = 2 x = 2 plus minus 1 by root 13 now from this we can say that option number for respect option number for this cracked thank you

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