The value of the determinant ∣ ∣ ∣xx+yx+2yx+2yxx+yx+yx+2yx∣ ∣ ∣ is (a) 9x2(x+y) (b) 9y2(x+y) (c) 3y2(x+y) (d) 7x2(x+y)


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start with the question the portions of the determinant X + y x x 2 X + X + y x + 2 y x is option A 9 x square x + Y square x + Y option C3 y square x + Y auchandi 7 x square x + Y is determined that we have to find X + y x + 2 X + 2 X
+ X + X + 2 and so when we have equations such expressions in in the determinant it's better to apply operations on the role of solving a damn sure what will do the first transforms into R1 plus plus so what will get your X + X + 2 Y + X + 13 x + Y + y 3 3 +
3 + X + 2 X + X + 2 X + y x can take this out as this will be equal to the first Row 3 X + 3 Y we can take out as common so 33 will be taking account of out of the source of 3 into X + so what remains inside is 1 and X + y x x + 21 X + 1 x how will further
operate on the columns now now if you see this is 111 so if you separate this one from both of these will get 2008 to solve operations will be seatu will become C2 - 1 and C3 realme C3 - 1 what will get S3 3 into X + 5 will remain as a test will remain the same then operations on the first column 1 X + 2 X + tractor twins with first so this becomes 0 60 - 21 only -12 find X + 2 x minus x
+ 12 Y - 5 then 1 will become zero X + Y minus x minus 2 x minus y minus 2 minus x minus y will be so we can either operate on the as common from from your will get why common free Wi-Fi and from your will get minus y minus will be added and taking ka been taken out from this corner and from this columns of this becomes y square X+ Y
know this determine it will be equal to the determinant of only these four terms as these two numbers are zero software determinant of common from Yeshu - 2 and 1 - why was taking commerce so what can simply solve to determine if this may be equal to minus 3 y square x + Y into minus minus minus 1 into 1 minus 1 equal to minus 2 into minus 1 is minus minus y square x + Y so this is the final final value of the terminal see the question we can see
the option B is correct then the correct option is 9 into 9 2

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